Electrohome 38-G15401-Z1,
14 In Color CRT Display Replacement

Model QES1514-028 14.1 In LCD replaces Electrohome LTD 38-G15401-Z1, 14 In Color CRT Displays used in MC 2000 series control system.

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This 14.1” Open Frame Monitor uses an Active Matrix Color LCD designed to fulfill many 14” CRT Monitor applications. Its rugged steel chassis is designed to drop into the mounting holes of the original 14” CRT Monitor.  Its multi-frequency plug & play capability enables this versatile 14.1” Open Frame Display to interface with a wide variety of video formats for easy replacement for your legacy 14” CRT Monitor. Our 14.1” Industrial LCD Monitor has been designed specifically to replace the obsolete 14-inch Electrohome 38-G15401-Z1 color CRT monitor. This 14.1” LCD Display is a high-performance Industrial Flat Panel Display, designed for commercial and industrial applications such as a replacement for CNC Terminal Monitor, ATM Machines, and aviation simulators. With 15KHz through 100Khz operation, this unit displays high quality, high-resolution color images from VGA through XGA resolutions.  Standard features such as multi-language on-screen display, DDC1/2B Plug and Play, and wide viewing angle capability make this versatile LCD monitor a good choice for your industrial legacy display systems

QES1514-028 Series Features

  • 14 In Color CRT Display Replacement.
  • Drop Directly into the Mounting Holes of the 14” CRT Monitor.
  • Drop Directly into the Mounting Holes of the 14” CRT Monitor.