19″ Rack Mount Monitor – VGA/DVI-D/5 BNC Video Inputs

QES1519-459 Industrial Rackmount 19-inch LCD Monitor with DVI-D / VGA / 5 BNC Video Inputs.  With a wide frequency range of operation, from RS – 170A (15KZ Interlace) up to 100 kHz.

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19” LCD Monitor – 19 In Rack Mount with VGA / DVI-D / 5 BNC Inputs

Model QES1519-459
Dynamic Displays is proud to introduce our QES1519-459 Industrial Rackmount 19-inch LCD Monitor.  These rugged industrial rack mount monitors are comprised of a high-performance 19-inch LCD display packaged in a rugged 9U EIA RS-310 C rack mount chassis for industrial-grade 19″ Equipment Rack applications. These displays accept the VESA-standard analog and Digital DVI-D Video input signal formats found in many modern industrial control environments. For legacy or replacement applications, the QES1519-459 19” Industrial Rack Mount LCD monitor is also configured with 5 BNC video input connections to accept a wide variety of standard interlace formats such as RS-170A, RS-343, STANAG 3350, and PAL video inputs. This unit is also capable of operating at other Non-Standard timings: ABB, Westinghouse, Fisher, Bailey, Allen-Bradley, Foxboro, Honeywell, Moore, Siemens, Forney, Harris, Fanuc, Giddings and Lewis, Walter Grinders, and Berger. These sturdy rackmount LCD monitors are intended for use in industrial, manufacturing, financial, transportation applications, and other severe environments with a requirement for bright, crisp images and versatile interfaces.  These rugged models offer exceptional shock and vibration safeguards. This product is very ruggedly built and features long-life displays with no scheduled End-Of-Life. Incorporating the latest LCD and control electronics you are assured a display that will perform reliably in harsh industrial environments.
19 In Rack Mount with 19" LCD, DVI-D / VGA / 5 BNC Inputs Features:
  • Industrial-Grade LCD Panel
  • 19” SXGA Color TFT LCD with Solid State LED Backlight Module.
  • Long-Life Advanced LED Backlighting, over 50,000 Hours
  • High Bright Active Matrix TFT Display - 300 Nits
  • High Contrast – 2000:1 Typical.
  • VGA HD-15D-Sub. Standard VESA Input Timings
  • DVI-D Standard VESA Timings
  • 5 BNC - RGB Sync On Green (SOG), RGB Separate Composite Sync, or RGB Separate Sync.
  • 75 to 100 kHz Legacy Timings
  • RS-170 (525 Line), RS-343 (875-Line), and STANAG 3350 Interlace Formats.
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Front Panel
  • Heavy Duty Cold Roll Steel Chassis
  • Bonded Anti-Reflective Protective Faceplate Glass for Superior Optical Performance and Better Protection in Extreme Environments.
19 In LCD Monitor on a 9U Rack Mount Chassis - Rear View

19 In LCD Monitor on a 9U Rack Mount Chassis - Rear View

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QES1519-459 Series Features