Totoku MDT962B-1A Monitor Replacement, 9 In Monochrome CRT Monitor

Model QES1508-101 – 8.4 In LCD replaces Totoku Electric MDT962B-1A and MDT-962B-1A, 9 In Monochrome CRT Monitors used in Brother TC-321N CNC Vertical Mill, Brother HS-3100 Vertical Mill, Mitsubishi CNC Machines, Mazak  CNC Machines.

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Totoku MDT962B-1A Monitor Replacement 9-inch Monochrome CRT Monitor fitted for Mitsubishi, Mazak, and Brother HS-3100 CNC Machines Systems.
Check out Dynamic Displays Model QES1508-101 LCD display a replacement for MDT962B-1A Monitor, or MDT-962B-1A and MDT962B the next time you need a drop-in replacement for your Mitsubishi, Mazak, and Brother HS-3100 CNC Machines. Whether you need a Totoku 9-inch black and white CRT in Replacement Monitor for your HS-3100 CNC Machines or Mazak Mitsubishi Controls, the QES1508-101 LCD display is the monitor to fit your needs. Upgrading your old console Totoku MDT962B-1A or  MDT-962B-1A is a cost-effective way of extending the useful life of your existing automation investment.  Replace your old, low-performance CRT display unit with a new, affordable, quality replacement QES1508-101 LCD Flat Panel display. Upgrading the Totoku Electric MDT962-1A CRT unit with a QES1508-101 Monitor is straightforward. Remove the screw holding the CRT to the chassis, remove all CRT electronics assemblies and install your new replacement unit on the four (4) holes used to maintain the CRT. Reconnect the harness back to your system, and it is done The QES1512-101 directly replaces the following Totoku / Mazak / Mitsubishi CNC monitors:
Totoku MDT962B
Totoku MDT962B-1A
Totoku MDT-6
Totoku MDT-9628-1A Misspelled


  • Totoku Electric MDT962-1A CRT Replacement CRT Monitor
  • Mounts into the original mounting holes of Totoku Electric MDT-948B-3A
  • Input Video: TTL Monochrome with Separate Sync.
  • Operating Voltage: 110/220 VAC
  • Rugged Cold Roll Steel Open-Frame Chassis
  • 8.4-Inch SVGA TFT LCD with reliable LED Backlight
  • LCD Display Area: 6.7” (H) x 5” (V), 8.4-Inch Diagonal
  • High Brightness – 450 Cd/M2 Typical
  • High Contrast – 600:1 Typical
Totoku Model MDT962B-1A and MDT962B-2A for Mitsubishi Mazak and Brother HS-3100 CNC Machines Systems -Rear View

Totoku Model MDT962B-1A and MDT-962B-1A - Chassis Provided by Customer.

Equivalent Part Numbers: Totoku MDT962B-1A, Totoku MDT962B-1A, Totoku MDT962B, Totoku MDT-962B-1A, Totoku MDT-962B-1A, Totoku MDT-962B, Totoku MDT962B1A, Totoku MDT962B1A, Totoku MDT9628-1A, Totoku MDT9628-1B

QES1508-101 Series Features

  • Direct replacement for Totoku MDT962B-1A or MDT-962B-1A Monitor.
  • Open-Frame Chassis drops directly into a Mitsubishi , Mazak and Brother HS-3100 CNC Machines Control Systems.