Toshiba 8450BPGX,
12 In Color CRT Display Replacement

Model QES1510-059 10.4 In Display replaces Toshiba Monitors 8450BPGX, 12 In Color CRT Displays used in Allen Bradley Allen Bradley 9/440 Processor Module.

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Dynamic Displays QES1510-059 is a 10.4 inch LCD Allen Bradley retrofit monitor designed to be a drop-in replacement display for 12” color Allen Bradley Monitors such as the Toshiba CRT Display Unit 8450BPGX and the Cardinal Model CM1210-01 12” CRT monitor used in the Allen Bradley Plant Floor Terminal 1784-T30C or Allen Bradley 8400 CNC Machine Control Systems.

Its rugged, steel chassis is designed to drop into the original CRT mounting holes of the Allen Bradley 12” Color CRT, making it unnecessary to replace the original chassis. The video input of the QES1510-059 Allen Bradley retrofit monitor accepts TTL video signals from the original Allen Bradley 8400 CNC Machine system or Allen Bradley Plant Floor Terminal 1784-T30C with no need for signal adapters of any sort. This Allen Bradley Retrofit Monitor has been optimized to operate on these and other legacy systems as well. These Retrofit Allen Bradley Monitors are more reliable and perform better than the older 12” color Allen Bradley CRT monitors and makes this versatile LCD monitor an excellent choice for your next Allen Bradley Monitor Replacement and other industrial legacy display systems.

12" Color CRT monitor Direct Drop in LCD replacement display for:

  • Allen Bradley 1784-T30C
  • Allen Bradley 8000-XCVD
  • Allen Bradley 8450-BPGX
  • llen Bradley 967328-01
  • Cardinal CM1210-01
  • Toshiba D12CB76
  • Toshiba D12CX71
  • Toshiba D12CX72

Equivalent Model Numbers: 1784 T30C SERIES B, 1784_T30C SERIES B, 1784T30C, 1784T30C SERIES B, 1784T30CSERIESB, 1784-T30C-SERIES-B, ALLEN BRADLEY 1784 T30C SERIES B, ALLEN BRADLEY 1784_T30C SERIES B, Allen Bradley 1784T30C, ALLEN BRADLEY 1784T30C SERIES B, ALLEN BRADLEY 1784T30CSERIESB, ALLEN BRADLEY 1784-T30C-SERIES-B, Allen Bradley 96732801, Cardinal CM121001, Cardinal Model CM1210-01


QES1510-059 Series Features

  • Direct LCD Replacement for 12-inch color monitors used in the Allen Bradley 8400 CNC Machines
  • Rugged open frame steel chassis drops directly into the mounting holes of the 12” color CRT
  • 10.4 inch TFT-LCD Display with Solid State LED Backlight
  • TTL video Input meets special Allen Bradley timing
  • High Contrast – 500:1 Typical
  • Universal Power Supply with VESA Power Management