17″ Rack Mount Series, Industrial-grade fast-scan & slow-scan LCD monitors

Dynamic Displays is proud to introduce our QES1517C-RM Series Industrial rack-mount 17-inch LCD flat-panels.  These rugged industrial rack mount monitors are comprised of high-performance, 17 inch LCD display panels packaged in an extremely-rugged EIA RS-310 C rack mount chassis for industrial-grade 19″ Equipment Rack applications.

In the standard configuration, these high-quality 17-inch LCD displays operate at the modern VGA through XGA resolutions found in most modern industrial environments, but we can also add options for the slow-scan capability that enable these LCD displays to accept a variety of legacy signal formats, such as the EGA, CGA and MDA TTL computer-generated signals commonly used in older, legacy computer equipment, or the RS-170 and RS-343 video signals often used in older military installations.

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Designed for industrial, manufacturing, and transportation applications and other severe environments, the QES1517C-RM Series Industrial rack mount flat-panels are equipped to deliver the bright, crisp images you require at all times. 17" Industrial Rack Mount LCD monitors operate at VGA through SXGA resolutions and accept RS-170/RS-343 analog video signals or EGA, CGA and MDA TTL signals.

QES1517C-RM Series Features

  • 17.0” SXGA Color TFT LCD with Solid State LED Backlight Module.
  • High Bright Active Matrix TFT Display - 300 Nits.
  • High Contrast – 800:1 Typical.
  • 15.75 to 100 kHz Legacy Timings
  • NTSC/PAL (RCA Jack) and S-Video (5 Pin Mini-Din). VGA HD-15D-Sub. Standard VESA Input Timings. Aspect Ratio: 1:1 or 4:3 (OSD Selection).
  • Bonded Anti-Reflective Protective Faceplate Glass for Superior Optical Performance and Better Protection on Extreme Environments.
  • Analog RGB Sync On Green (SOG) Capable
  • RS-170 (525 Line) and RS-343 (875-Line) Interlace Formats.
  • 5 BNC - RGB Sync On Green, RGB Separate Composite Sync or RGB Separate Sync.
  • Convenient OSD Front Controls
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Front Panel
  • Heavy Duty Cold Roll Steel Chassis
  • EIA RS310 C – 19” Rack Mount

Other Options Include

  • Conformal Coating of Internal Circuit Boards for enhanced ruggedization.
  • High Brightness TFT LCD Option – 1,500 Nits
  • Manual Dimming Control
  • Touch Screen: Resistive, Capacitive and SAW option
  • TTL Input Option for EGA, CGA and MDA Timings
  • Wireless Remote Control.