Omni Vision
Model #E14DC-ZL-REV.1,
14 In Color CRT Monitor Replacement

Model QES1512-205 12.1 In LCD replaces Omni Vision Model E14DC-ZL-REV.1 (Omni Vision E14DCZL), 14 In Color CRT Monitor Fitted for Mazak / Mazatrol / Mitsubishi on M Plus, M1, M2, M32, QT, T Plus, T2, T3, T32 Mazatrol Control Systems.

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Omni Vision Model E14DC-ZL-REV.1 14" Color CRT Monitors fitted for Mazak / Mazatrol / Mitsubishi on M Plus, M1, M2, M32, QT, T Plus, T2, T3, T32 Mazatrol Control Systems.
Check out Dynamic Displays Model QES1512-205 LCD display a replacement for Omni Vision E14DC-ZL-REV.1 the next time you need a drop in replacement for your Mazak CNC monitors.  Whether you need a Mazak 14 in Replacement Monitor for your Mazak Mitsubishi M32 Controls or Mazak Mitsubishi T32 Controls, the QES1512-205 LCD display is the monitor to fit your needs. Upgrading your old console unit with a Omni Vision E14DC-ZL-REV.1 Mazak 14 in Replacement Monitor is a cost-effective way of extending the useful life of your existing automation investment. Replace your old, low-performance CRT display unit with a new, affordable, quality replacement QES1512-205 LCD Flat Panel display. The QES1512-205 directly replaces the following Mazak / Mazatrol / Mitsubishi CNC monitors:
  • KME 26S-14019C, 26S14019C
  • KME 26S-14019L, 26S14019L
  • Sharp 8DSP40
  • Sharp AIQA8DSP40
  • Mitsubishi C-5470, C5470
  • Mitsubishi C-5470NS,
  • Hitachi CD1472D1M
  • Hitachi CD1472D1M-2
  • Mitsubishi D0506-22
  • Mitsubishi D0506-23
  • Mazak D72MA001840
  • Data Ray DR5614 - P/N 800291
  • Omni Vision E14DC
  • Omni Vision E14DC-ZL
  • Omni Vision E14DC-ZL Rev.1
  • Omni Vision FP12B4G1-ZL
  • Omni Vision FP12B4G0-ZL
  • Dynamic Displays QES2014-212
QES1512-205 is designed to drop right into the existing mounting brackets, in addition the LCD Display can replace your Mazatrol monitors, Meldas Monitors, Sharp CNC monitors, Yamazaki monitors and many others.
Omni Vision E14DC-ZL-REV.1 Monitor Upgarde - Rear View.

Omni Vision E14DC-ZL-REV.1, Monitor Upgarde - Rear View.

Equivalent Models: Mazak E14DC-ZL-REV.1, Mazak E14DC-ZL, Mazak E14DC, Omni Vision E14DC-ZL-REV.1, Omni Vision E14DC-ZL, Omni Vision E14DC

QES1512-205 Series Features

  • Direct replacement for KME 26S-14019C, 26S14019C, 26S-14019, 26S14019
  • Direct replacement for Sharp 8DSP40, AIQA8DSP40
  • Direct replacement for Mitsubishi C-5470, C-5470NS
  • Direct replacement for Hitachi CD1472D1M, CD1472D1M-2
  • Direct replacement for Mitsubishi D0506-22, D0506-23
  • Direct replacement for Mazak D72MA001840
  • Direct replacement for Data Ray DR5614 - P/N 800291
  • Direct replacement for Omni Vision E14DC, E14DC-ZL, E14DC-ZL Rev.1, FP12B4G1-ZL, FP12B4GO-ZL
  • Direct replacement for Dynamic Displays QES2014-212
  • Open-Frame Chassis drops directly into a Mazak / Mazatrol / Mitsubishi on M Plus, M1, M2, M32, QT, T Plus, T2, T3, T32 Mazatrol Control Systems.
  • Mazak Special Timing - Standard TTL Input
  • Input Signal Connector: 15 Pin Molex Connector

Other Options Include

  • Anti-Reflective Protective Faceplate
  • Strengthened Glass Protection
  • Wireless Remote Control