Okuma E0105-800-134 Monitor Replacement,
12 In RGB CRT Display

Model QES1510-069 10.4 In LCD replaces E0105-800-134, 12 In RGB CRT Displays used in Okuma OSP Operating Panel 5020 (OSP5020L).

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Okuma E0105-800-134 Monitor Replacement - Okuma OSP Operating Panel 5020 LSC (OSP5020L) - Monitor
Dynamic Displays model QES1510-069 is a cost-effective replacement for the Okuma E0105-800-134 Monitor used in the Okuma OSP Operating Panel 5000 LSC and the Okuma LB 35 CNC Turning Center. This LCD replacement monitor has a rugged steel chassis that's designed to drop into the mounting frame of the original Okuma OSP5000L-G Console. In addition, this new 10.4” LCD monitor has mating video and power input connections, circuitry, and firmware engineered specifically for plug-and-play installation into the Okuma E0105-800-134 Operator Interface OSP5000LSC. We guarantee it will work in your old OKUMA control. If you are uncomfortable with the prospect of upgrading your CRT Okuma E0105-800-134 yourself, Dynamic Displays can perform the retrofit at no cost to you. Just give us a call at 715-835-9440 or email us at sales@dynamicdisplay.com. Upgrading your old Okuma 12" RGB CRT console unit with a QES1510-069 Replacement LCD display is a cost-effective way of extending the useful life of your existing automation investment. Replace your old, low-performance CRT display unit with a new, affordable, high-quality replacement LCD Flat Panel display from Dynamic Displays, Inc. today. The QES1510-069 is a Premium-Quality 10.4-inch LCD Display that Directly Replaces the Following 12-inch RGB CRT Monitors:
Model QES1510-069
Monitor Manufacturer Manufacturer P/N
Hitachi C12C-2455D01
Okuma E0105-653-017
Okuma E0105-800-055-1
Okuma E0105-800-059-1
Okuma E0105-800-134
Okuma E0105-800-195
Okuma HA-E0105-653-017
Okuma HA-E0105-653-042
Okuma HA-E0105-653-097
Okuma HA-E0105-653-098
Monitech ML121PN5000
Matsushita Electric TX-1201AD
Matsushita Electric TX-1201AJ
Matsushita Electric TX-1201AL, TX-1201AL-PZRT
Matsushita Electric TX-1201FH
Equivalent Model Numbers: Hitachi C12C-2455D01, Hitachi C12C2455D01, Okuma E0105-653-017, Okuma E0105653017, Okuma E0105-800-055-1, Okuma E01058000551, Okuma E0105-800-059-1, Okuma E01058000591, Okuma E0105-800-134, Okuma E0105800134, Okuma E0105-800-195, Okuma E0105800195, Okuma HA-E0105-653-017, Okuma HAE0105653017, Okuma HA-E0105-653-042, Okuma HAE0105653042, Okuma HA-E0105-653-097, Okuma HAE0105653097, Okuma HA-E0105-653-098, Okuma HAE0105653098, Monitech ML121PN5000, Matsushita Electric TX-1201AD, Matsushita Electric TX1201AD, Matsushita Electric TX-1201AJ, Matsushita Electric TX1201AJ, Matsushita Electric TX-1201AL, TX-1201AL-PZRT, Matsushita Electric TX1201AL, TX1201ALPZRT, Panasonic TX-1201FH, Panasonic TX1201FH    

QES1510-029 Series Features

  • Okuma E0105-800-134 12" RGB Monitor Replacement LCD
  • Designed For Okuma OSP7000L-SC and Okuma OSP5000 Controls
  • Hitachi C12C-2455D01 12" CRT Monitor Replacement LCD
  • Okuma E0105-800-055-1 12" RGB Monitor Replacement LCD
  • Okuma C12C-2455001 12" RGB Monitor Replacement LCD
  • 20 Pin AMP-LATCH video input connector
  • Meets Okuma LB 35 CNC Turning Center Control Timing
  • Meets Okuma LC40 - Operating Panel 5000 LSC Control Timing
  • Meets Okuma OSP7000L-SC and OSP5000 Control Timing
  • Universal Power Supply with VESA Power Management
  • Power Requirements: 100-240VAC 50-60Hz @ 1Amp