Matsushita TX-1404FH,
14 In Color CRT Monitor Replacement

Model QES1512-216 12.1 In LCD replaces Matsushita (Panasonic) TX-1404FH (Matsushita TX1404FH), 14 In Color CRT Monitors used in Mazak L32.

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When you need an upgrade monitor for Matsushita TX-1404FH 14” CRT Monitor used on Mazak  L32 CNC, why not consider installing a modern, high-quality 12” LCD display instead? We’ve made it easy for you by designing the rugged, open-frame chassis of the new QES1512-216 LCD display so it can drop into the mounting holes of the original Matsushita TX-1404FH monitor used on the Mazal L32 systems, making it unnecessary to replace your original Mazak CNC 14” CRT Monitor chassis. What’s more, the video input circuitry of the QES1512-216 accepts the TTL video signals from the original Mazak system with no need for signal adapters of any sort. Additionally, while this Matsushita TX-1404FH replacemnt monitor display has been optimized to operate at the Mazazk and Matsushita control console timing, it also operates with a variety of other TTL legacy monitor timings, making it a drop-in replacement LCD monitor for other CRT monitor brands, such as Matsushita, Panasonic and Toshiba.
Matsushita TX-1404FH / Mazak TX-1404FH- 14 In Color CRT Monitor Replacement - Rear View

Matsushita TX-1404FH / Mazak TX-1404FH- 14 In Color CRT Monitor Replacement - Rear View

Equivalent Model Numbers::Matsushita TX-1404FH, Matsushita TX1404FH, Mazak TX-1404FH, Mazak TX1404FH

QES1512-216 Series Features

  • Direct replacement for Matsushita TX-1404FH
  • Direct replacement for Mazak TX-1404FH
  • Open-Frame Chassis drops directly into a Mazak L32 CNC System
  • Mazak Special Timing - Standard TTL Input