Elston DM30-09B0-596,
9 In Green CRT Monitor Replacement

Model QES1508-059 Replacement 8.4 In LCD Display for Elston Electric Corp DM30-09B0-596, 9 In green monochrome CRT monitors used in Hurco 5C AutoBend.

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We can upgrade your 9 inches Elston DM30-09B0-596 (ELSTON ELECTRONICS DM3009B0596) green CRT monochrome monitor replacement with our model QES1508-059. As a leading LCD manufacturer, Dynamic Displays can provide yours with a drop-in replacement for your DM30-09B0-596 Elston 9 In Monochrome CRT Monitor.  This rugged flat-screen LCD Display is mechanically and electronically compatible with all CNC system controls that were originally equipped with the Elston Electronics Corp. DM30-09B0-596 Monitor and easily attaches to the existing 12 inch CRT metal chassis mounting brackets after the CRT has been removed.
ELSTON DM30-09B0-596 (DM3009B0596), Installed on an HURCO AutoBend 5c.

ELSTON DM30-09B0-596 (DM3009B0596), Installed on an HURCO AutoBend 5c.

Equivalent Model Numbers: Elston DM30-09B0-596, Elston DM3009B0596.

QES1508-059 Series Features