Computron 115-334 DMC8,
7.5 In Monochrome CRT Monitor Upgrade

Model QES1508-082 is an 8.4-inch LCD that replaces Computron monitor part number 115-334 DMC8.  Other part numbers are 115DMX Monochrome CRT Driver Board.

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Computron 115-334 DMC8, 7.5" CRT Monochrome Upgrade.

Original Monitor Based on Computron 115DMX Monochrome CRT Drive Board.

Model QES1508-082 8.4 inch LCD replaces Computron Computron 115-334 DMC8, 7.5-inch Monochrome CRT Monitors. When your Computron 115-334 DMC8 7.5" CRT Monitor fails, why install an old, refurbished CRT monitor with a limited warranty when you can upgrade it with a new, rugged QES1508-082 8.4" LCD? The QES1508-082 8.4" LCD is a brand-new monitor, made in the USA with a 2-year factory warranty and bolts into the 7.5 inch CRT mounting holes (after CRT had been removed) and has the same IDC 20-pin video connectors input connection as the original Computron 115-334 DMC8, making it an easy retrofit with no need for signal adapters of any sort. Featuring a 600:1 contrast ratio and 450 Cd/M2 brightness, the rugged QES1508-082 monochrome LCD is an excellent replacement monitor for the legacy Computron 115-334 DMC8 Product 115DMX 7.5-inch CRT Monitors. This Open Frame Monitor uses a rugged Active Matrix monochrome 8.4” LCD with a long-lasting LED backlight and is designed to fulfill many 9-inch CRT Monitor applications. Its rugged steel chassis is designed to drop into the mounting holes of the original Computron 115-334 DMC8 7.5-inch CRT Monitor and its multi-frequency plug & play capability enables this versatile 8.4” Open Frame Display to interface with a wide variety of video formats for easy replacement for other legacy 9 inch monochrome CRT Monitors. Our 8.4” Industrial LCD Monitor has been designed specifically to replace obsolete Computron Product 115-334 DMC8 7.5 inch monochrome CRT monitors. However, just as the Computron 115DMX CRT drive electronics PCB was used to drive a wide variety of CRTs of various sizes and signal formats, the basic QES1500 Series platform used in this high-performance 8.4” Industrial Flat Panel Display is also designed for many other commercial and industrial applications such as a replacement for CNC Control Monitors, ATM Machines, and aviation simulators. With 15KHz through 100Khz operation, this unit displays high-quality, high-resolution monochrome images from VGA through XGA resolutions. Standard features such as a multi-language on-screen display, DDC1/2B Plug-and-Play, and wide viewing angle capability make this versatile LCD monitor a good choice for your industrial legacy display systems. Upgrading your Computron 115-334 DMC8 Product 115DMX monitor with a QES1508-082 8.4" LCD display is straightforward. Simply remove the screws holding the 9" CRT to the chassis, remove the CRT, remove all CRT electronics assemblies, then install your new 8.4" LCD replacement unit on the four (4) holes used to mount the old CRT. Reconnect the power and harness back to your system, and it is done. If you are uncomfortable with the prospect of upgrading your Computron 115DMX Product 115-334 DMC8 CRT Monitor yourself, Dynamic Displays can perform the retrofit at no cost to you. Just give us a call at 715-835-9440 or email us at

Computron Mod # 115-334 DMC8 Upgrade Features:

  • Open-frame chassis mounts in the Computron 115-334 DNC8 Chasis
  • 8.4-Inch Color SVGA TFT LCD with reliable LED Backlight
  • Operating Voltage: 12 VDC
  • IDC Type 20-pin video input connector
  • High Brightness – 500 Cd/M2 Typical
  • High Contrast – 1000:1 Typical
  • Heavy Duty Cold Roll Steel Chassis.
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Equivalent Models:

Computron 115DMX Product 115-334 DMC 8, Computron 115-334 DMC8, Computron 115334 DMC-8, Computron 115DMX-334 DMC8

Similar models using the Computron 115DMX:

115-271B DMC5, 115-271C DMC5, 115-255 DMK9, 115-255B-DMK9, 115-329 DMK, 115-279 DMC5 12CV, 115-316B DMC5



QES1508-082 Series Features