What is a RS-343? RS-343 is an EIA (Electronics Industries Association) standard for non-broadcast high resolution monochrome video. RS-343 was introduced later than RS-170 and intended as a signal standard for High-definition Closed-Circuit Television. Among other things, it reduced the total composite video signal amplitude to 1.00 Vp-p. According RS-343, the signal specifications are:

  • White: +0.714V
  • Black: +0.054V
  • Blank: (0V reference)
  • Sync: -0.286V

RS-343 specifies a 60 Hz non-interlaced scan with a composite sync signal with a variety of timings that produce a non-interlace (progressive) scan at resolutions ranging from 675 to 1023 lines. This standard is used by high resolution video cameras used in applications such as: infrared targeting, low-light, night-vision cameras, and other special military display systems.